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2009-06-05 18:40:22 by mustangman24

Yes i did post my find the button games to hallpass under the name "gamemaker24"
and some other various sites

Find the button 4

2009-06-05 18:29:44 by mustangman24

i got back in to flash so Find the button 4 is back online! expect it to be out sometime this month!


2008-10-25 22:21:55 by mustangman24

im sorry to say due to glitches time-frame and frustration find the button 4 is canceled im sorry.


2008-08-18 16:41:29 by mustangman24

im working on 2 new games one called "mega maze and the other called "Fizzy drink"
No details

clock day

2008-08-15 13:27:40 by mustangman24

clock day is awesome i even leveled up my blam/protection points for giving so many 5's YAY!! CLOCK DAY RULEZ!!!! happy clock day everyone!!!

mega maze

2008-08-12 12:31:03 by mustangman24

im working on a new game called Mega maze its going to have over 200 levels

Find the button

2008-08-10 14:20:32 by mustangman24

i need level ideas for find the button 4!!!

i made find the button

2008-08-08 10:24:28 by mustangman24

k gunstar hero i made find the button!!!!!

find the button 3

2008-08-05 11:56:17 by mustangman24

find the button 3 is out!!!!

new game

2008-07-23 13:38:44 by mustangman24

Im making a new game its going to becalled find the button!